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About Me

I am a Licensed, Experienced and Trained Registered Nurse. 

I have spent more than half of my career working in Senior Living settings. 

My early career was spent in Intensive Care and Critical Care Nursing.  

As I raised my family I worked in various long term care settings, often times starting out as a bedside nurse and then lending to Supervisory roles. My Strong sense of patient advocacy was often the common thread that led to leadership promotions. 

In my roles as Nurse Manager and Director of Nursing I had direct contact with supporting families as they made the agonizing decision to give up care in the home and place their loved one in a facility because care at home became unmanageable. 

I established ongoing rapport and support to these family members.

I became the one person they knew they could trust and lean on for care and concerns of their loved one.

I assisted many families to make the transition of care back to their homes

when either they or their senior could not tolerate facility living for various reasons. 

The pandemic of 2020 created not only a healthcare staffing crisis but a significant failure to thrive amongst seniors living both at home and in facilities. The isolation and lack of engagement and routine has caused our elders to exponentially decline both cognitively and physically.

Family, Friends and neighbors started to reach out to me for advice and direction to help them with declining family members. 

As a result of the high demand, I recognized the need to create a company to support the community in their search for answers. 

Thus, Future Health Now was started to support and advise families and Caretakers in need of solutions for the everchanging challenges of caring for a declining elder. 


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