Future Health Now

Are you Looking for a solution to help your loved one age gracefully?

Does your aging loved one live alone and you are consumed with worry as to whether or not they are safe?

Is Peace of mind something you feel like you'll never attain because things feel out of control?

Do you simply have no idea what to do next?

Is your loved one stuck in the healthcare loop of trips to the emergency room and underwhelming care in a facility? 


I am a Registered Nurse who's made it my mission to support families with sustainable solutions & care plans that restore calm and bring about Peace of Mind.

I offer Elder Care consultation and advice to assist in you in various circumstances.

I specialize in complex cases and crisis resolution.

I provide personalized care management services and clinical clarity based on your needs.

I explore the entire situation and I provide a comprehensive and individualized care plan.

I recognize that elder care needs change constantly, and so do my solutions.


Let me help you and your loved one experience optimal Future Health, Now. 

"In speaking with Alesia for the 1st five minutes, we realized her knowledge was worth its weight in gold. Her experience and knowledge in the elder care area and her ability to apply it and help in each individual circumstance is/was amazing. She helped immediately to help organize our worries, thoughts, concerns and fears."

                       - Nicole D. 

"I am forever thankful and blessed that someone recommended Alesia as an advocate to help us during these times. She not only is extremely knowledgable but also is a caring and genuine person who takes on the responsibility of handling situations like she is a part of our family. I feel confident that our family is on the best path to making my aunt and uncle's life as comfortable as possible. I can say because of alesia's guidance i go to bed at night knowing we are making the right decisions to allow them to enjoy their senior years. From the bottom one our hearts our family thanks you Alesia!!!"

                    - Steven K.

"Alesia stays in constant communication with our family and responds to any and all of our concerns and questions. 
We truly appreciate her guidance." 

                      - Martina S.

Alesia DeFrancesco RN

Experience You Can Trust


Comprehensive Assessment to include: Physical, Cognitive, Safety and Nutritional


Full Detailed Summary of Assessment




Outreach to providers


Collaboration with HealthCare team and/or Family members


Outreach to Community Resources


Equipment recommendations and procurement


Care Plan meeting coordination and attendance


Medical Record Clarity


Medication Review


Coordination of sustainable Care Plan


Strategies for Optimal Health and Plan of Care


Ongoing management and follow up assessment if needed


Telephonic Availability to Advise and Navigate through Levels of Care


Elder Care education for successful caretaking


Bedside advocacy for family and elder in all settings.

(Hospital, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Facility, Personal Care, in home, etc.)


Onsite Assessment or in office Consultations available by request


Assist with placement in community level of care


Act as Elder care Advisor and Advocate on Elder and Family behalf


Communicate with Family timely and accurately




I am an Elder Care Advisor and Registered Nurse Consultant that guarantees you personalized attention and excellent results. I have over 25 years in the Health Care Industry as an RN with much of my clinical experience in the Senior Living Industry.  I have cared for aging seniors on all levels of the health care continuum. Caring for seniors and supporting families through the many challenges has been a lifelong passion of mine. I pride myself on creative solutions to the most challenging circumstances.


Over the years, I worked in various capacities in senior living. I was a Charge Nurse, a Nursing Supervisor and then became a Director of Nursing. It was a natural progression for me. I was a strong advocate for my residents, families and staff. I set very high expectations on the quality of care delivered to the residents under my care.  I considered it a true privilege to be entrusted with the care of a loved one. I believe that relinquishing care to a stranger for someone you love is a very difficult thing to do.  And I embraced the responsibility as if I was overseeing care for my own family members. 



When I was in elementary school my grandmother came to live with my family. At that time, both my parents worked full time and my grandmother was the person that greeted me after school. I loved spending time with her and learning of stories from generations ago. It was my love and admiration for her that inspired me at the age of 15, to become a Nurse Aide at a local nursing home.  Over the years I began working at various long-term care facilities. I graduated High School and went on to Nursing School and became a Registered Nurse. I was a Critical Care Nurse for many years. As I raised my children, I constantly found myself returning to employment in retirement communities.

The Pandemic of 2020 created additional hurdles for Nurses and families. Leaving a loved one in a Nursing facility with no ability to have physical contact with them forced many families to keep aging loved ones at home with health challenges. Families were left to provide care with very little experience and very limited resources. Nurses were left to care for complex residents with limited staffing. As a Director of Nursing, I was admitting residents telephonically with little to no physical contact with family members. Families were distraught and residents suffered from Failure to Thrive as they were mandated to socially distance from the outside world.  I realized that I needed to find a way to help families in need of advice before they made decisions that left them with sadness and regret. 

Family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers were all reaching out to me for guidance and advice. They identified me as the expert in senior living solutions.  It was in helping all these folks that I realized there was a need in the community for an Elder Care Advisor.  Caretakers needed guidance and support and they needed to be steered in the right direction to understand their options and to obtain solutions. Physicians were able to diagnose and treat symptoms, but they did not have the capacity to provide constant guidance and directions for ongoing fluctuating care needs.


Future Health Now was created on the premise of helping families to understand the solutions to their everyday care challenges as well as urgent crisis problems that arise while they are caring for an aging loved one. 


I specialize in challenging cases, and I offer consultation at your convenience. I am available by phone, in person and on site. 

I am confident that I can create a sustainable care plan for your loved one that will exceed your expectations and bring you peace of mind. 



I believe that aging adults deserve to receive the best care in the best setting for their individual circumstances. I will create a care plan that promotes your loved one to remain safe and comfortable. As circumstances change and care needs shift,

I will be there with you and for you every step of the way. 

My goal is to restore calm and make the process easier for you and your loved one. I provide peace of mind by designing a personalized care plan for each client even for the most complex circumstances. I offer consultation and assessment in various settings.

I specialize in crisis resolutions for the most complex cases. Don't wait until it's too late, call today and learn how Future Health Now can help you and your loved one.     

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